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Stephen 301w 1d ago: @Maria Holan I've tried something similar to that once.. Not bad actually..
Frarc 301w 2d ago: @Stephen mmmmmmmmm yumm
Maria Holan 301w 2d ago: @Stephen Errr... how about chocolate covered coffee beans? [Link]
Stephen 301w 2d ago: @Frarc How about chocolate covered fries?
Stephen 301w 2d ago: @Gilmour Try it.... and tell us! :)
Frarc 301w 3d ago: @Maria Holan No, I'm from Belgium I eat chocolates and Fries! ;)
Gilmour 301w 3d ago: @Maria Holan Don't think eating coffee beans is a good idea ;)
Maria Holan 301w 3d ago: @Frarc But you eat coffee beans?
Frarc 301w 3d ago: @Maria Holan I don't drink Coffee :)
Maria Holan 301w 4d ago: @Frarc Is it time for coffee yet?
Frarc 301w 5d ago: Today it is 11-12-13 ;)
Frarc 301w 5d ago: The Next Exodus Event will be Moved to Saturday the 14th!!
Monstrous Interred Grizzle 301w 6d ago: ohm... no...
anjanca 301w 6d ago: okay, Tamers had no fun today, so next Monday we hunt the Monstrous Interred Grizzle in Bedlam. 19:00 again
Maria Holan 302w ago: @Gilmour All your cups are belong to me.
Gilmour 302w ago: @Maria Holan wonderful, pass a cup!
Maria Holan 302w 1d ago: Coffee
Gilmour 302w 2d ago: This one is for you ParadoX [Link]
Stephen 302w 2d ago: @Gilmour Hehe.. If(userid == 2) { exit("Stephen not allowed!"); }
Gilmour 302w 2d ago: @Stephen I'm not that confident with javascript, but maybe you can enlighten me on a solution? :-)
Stephen 302w 2d ago: @Gilmour It already is possible! That is how you can put in characters it doesn't recognize! ;)
Maria Holan 302w 2d ago: @Gilmour mh so you will you allow us to copy / paste Stephens? Please, this would be awesome. Would be neat if everyone could have his or her personal Danish Knucklehead.
Gilmour 302w 2d ago: @Stephen Hehe, will see if i can allow that ;)
Stephen 302w 3d ago: @Gilmour Foolproof.. Mayhaps! But Stephproof? I think not! Something to do with copy/paste! ;)
Gilmour 302w 5d ago: Did various foolproofing to mana regen calc, No longer able to calculate with values which isnt possible. [Link]
Gilmour 302w 5d ago: @anjanca Added to calendar ;)
anjanca 302w 5d ago: [E@F], your friendly guild next door, would like to invite you all to Chief Paroxysmus on Monday. Start at 19:00 from wbb
Gilmour 302w 5d ago: Prices changed on most dyes in S-Mart, most lowered, some raised [Link]
Gilmour 303w 1d ago: @anjanca Added to calendar ;)
anjanca 303w 1d ago: [E@F] (and Asso ;) ) would like to invite all to visit dreadhorn on Monday. Start at 19:00 from wbb
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