Donate Info and Q&A

Using the donate image at the bottom of the right column (of the main site) you can donate an optional amount via PayPal to aid in keeping our site up or to add to the prize pool of competitions.

We have chosen not to show annoying ads to fund our website, instead we accept donations to give some of the income ads would have given. You will never see an advertisement on our site that yield us money.

UPDATE 28 Mar '14: Starting today, For transparency reasons, all future donations will be listed on this page with the name or character name of the donator. You can provide your character name or opt out of being listed by name by either sending me a PM, using our contact form or using the "Add special instructions to recipient" on paypal when sending the donation, and instruct us not to publish your name. We will of course respect that. When not leaving the request in paypal, i wil ask questions to verify it was indeed you that made a donation (to make this process instant, please include the paypal transaction id along with your message).

We are strictly not-for-profit, and the base goal is to keep the site physically available on the internet. Any donations besides that will go into a prize pool, for things like gametime in competitions, events or drawings. All development on, content adding to, and management of, the site is on our own time, and donations does not go towards this.

Please consider donating a little, doesn't have to be much, as every little counts!

Public logging of donations started on 28 March '14.
30 Mar. 14: €10 from Frarc
02 Apr. 14: €10 from Siward
03 Jun. 14: $10 from Croziz
03 Jun. 14: €10 from Frarc
08 Jun. 14: €10 from Cantwell
21 Jun. 14: $2 from Machienet
15 Sep. 14: $10 from Nirot
For donations past mid October '14: Please see new donation page at

Expenses (Yearly)
Domain name ( $8,25 in February
Domain name ( $8,25 in April
Hosting Bill: $120 in June
Domain name ( $8,25 in November
Total: $132,25 (~€96) / Year


What is my donation used for?
Your donation is used firstly to cover the hosting and domain costs associated with, and Secondly to a prize pool to competitions, events and drawings (such as gametime, tokens or similar)

How much is your expenses?
The costs to keep our services running is approximately €100 Yearly. This is our base goal, any donations made beyond this will be used for prizes for competitions, events or drawings.

How will i know you not just putting the profit in Your own pocket?
Will just have to trust us on this. But can assure you that we are not collecting donations for pocket money.

Thank you for considering donating!
The Knuckleheads