Information about the Knuckleheads

On this page you can find information about The Knuckleheads as a website and the Danish Knuckleheads as a guild.

The Knuckleheads as a Website
Our website pride itself with being driven by passion. This include every aspect of it. We code on it because we enjoy it, we are not full time employees of the website.

Our aim is to provide the Ultima Online Community with Tools that they can use for practical things, and to limit the amount of errors they make ingame, by testing it in a virtual, risk free, environment first.

Past few years we have asked for donations to help cover our hosting expenses. All of which goes to that. In return we deliver an ad free site.

The Staff of
Stephen: Core Coder, Creative Designer, Administrator and News Posting.
Gilmour: Public Relations, Creative Designer, Administrator and News Posting.
Siward: News Posting, Content Editor.
Piotr: Groupie, Alpha/Beta tester.
Leighton: Commentator for our Streams and YouTube Videos, Video Editor. (Inactive)
Frarc: News Poster for Drachenfels Shard. (Inactive)

We would love to get your opinion (wherever positive or negative), suggestions, or if you just have a question you think we can answer please contact us via our Contact Form, there is other contact methods on the page also.

The Danish Knuckleheads Guild
Most of Knuckleheads activities are from the West Britain Bank in Trammel, our houses are mainly focused in New Magincia, but also else where. But the bank is where you will most likely find us.

The Guild is using the international code for Denmark (DK) as guild abbreviation, and upon making the guildname we wanted to match the abbreviation to the guild name, several good ideas came up, but the name "Danish Knuckleheads" we could all agree on.

The guild was originally only for Danish members, however in later years we have been accepting English speaking members. from various countries. And our guild chat is only English these days.

Rules of Danish Knuckleheads
revised on 24 August 2012.
Honestly, we don't like rules, yet are some that goes unsaid within our guild, we will try an put them to writing for future reference.

1. Respect and Politeness
Treat your fellow players the up most respect in a polite manor, this is for both new, old and bad players. If you are provoked in public chats or else how by someone outside the ally, please to extend possible ignore that individual and report if justified, If it is one within the ally, please refer to the guild leader of that guild or NinaLuna (alliance Leader) should it be a guild leader or otherwise required. If you do not fancy taking on this responsibility, please ask Stephen or Gilmour for guidance or to take on the task.

2. Swearing to minimum
Please don't swear to much, a "sh!t" or similar once in a while is OK if warranted, but not all the time. We are grown ups, and have far outlived the need to use swearwords in online games.

3. No Spamming
No knucklehead must spam, or otherwise interrupt the flow of chat. unless private in their home or other remote places where the only one suffering from a flooded journal would be yourself.. Never ever at bank or equally populated or unexpected places.

4. Ultima Online Rules of Conduct Applies
The Ultima Online Rules of Conduct Applies to our rules as well, please familiarize yourself with them. They can be found Here, But can be summarized in two word: "Be Nice!"

5. Loot Rules
When hunting in group we usually have a party throughout the fight. And wanted to write Guidelines on this. Keep in mind these are only guidelines, and can be overruled by any agreement formed within the group.

General Loot Rules
  • Whatever drops in your backpack is yours to keep, Except if you are protecting a champ spawn and it is powerscrolls.
  • Any valuable loot found in Party loot and protector's powerscroll loot can be diced for using a regular dice and cup (bought at taverns), 1 roll each, highest wins.. if tie for highest, the ones with tie roll once more until a highest roll can be found that is unique (one item at a time).

6. Chat Language
Since we are an international guild, we do not tolerate any other language than English in guild chat and while hunting as a group, Ally chat you can speak German all you wish. But in order to maximize communication within the guild that is so. However.. If the only people online, or in a group, can communicate in another language and they prefer doing so, They are allowed to do so of course. But if it comes to their attention that other nationalities comes online, or joins their group, they should immediately switch back to English. Local speak there is no rules.

If you acknowledge these rules and would like to join, ...
-> Please apply Here <-