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New Magincia Casino

The New Magincia is staffed occasionally on selected Fridays starting at 20:30.


On event nights the tables are Open
You can then bet your gold on different dice games. The rules and the different games are explained at a golden book at the tables both in German and English.

Allowed sizes of bets are 10k, 100k, 500k. Returns are 1:1 unless otherwise specified in the book. Bigger bets may be possible, ask the individual dealer.

If you don't have any ready checks to bet, there are Casino Bankers available, that sell checks of amounts to bet.

Slot machines always open
you can always play the 3 slot machines found in the north west corner of the casino hall. This works as following:

    1. Buy a key of the vendor
    2. Try and see if it fits in the box that is located on top of the slot machine.
    3. If it fits, open the box and whats in it is yours to keep!

Prize per slot try is 7.5% of the winnings.

The Mastermind Game
To play the Mastermind game you have to acquire or guess the number combination of the Secret Chest, near the dartboard. The correct number combination is in one of the books of the vendor next to it named "The Mastermind Game". Double click the chest and you will be prompted to enter a 5 digit number. Correct combination open the chest and what is in it is yours to take!

Chess In The Rooftop Garden
Enjoy a little relaxation in the rooftop garden, buy drinks and sit down for a chat or a game of chess!


Getting to the casino is easy.
There are teleportors in place to the casino at the following locations:
  • Drachenfels Teleport Hub
  • Knuckleheads' Event Gate In Luna, Casino Nights Only
Runes will also be dropped on Casino Nights.