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Author:  Thanek [ 29 Apr 2013, 19:23 ]
Post subject:  @Frarc

Dont know if there are posts about this and i didnt want to hijack yours, so i made a new one.

Just want to tell you that i realy love your "Weekend-madness"-series :)
A great summary and "hits the point" (sorry, my english is poor, but i hope you get the point ;) )
Iam not long in UO after a long break for 10 years, so i dont know what you and the guys from Knuckleheads have done in the past, but what i see since is outstanding.
Although low population on Drachenfels (i have full servers in mind long time ago), i never get bored .. and a big part of that "not beeing bored" are the events and the stuff around the game you (guys) make.

Just want to thank you.
Keep it going .... and dont get bored :-P

Author:  Frarc [ 06 May 2013, 16:56 ]
Post subject:  Re: @Frarc

Thank you.

We have a great shard and we do our best to keep everyone busy with a variety of things to do.

Its the players who makes the fun. I only report what happends. :)

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