Sampire Questions
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Author:  WafflesNCyanide [ 02 Sep 2013, 21:54 ]
Post subject:  Sampire Questions

Hey guys,

I'm trying to improve my sampire in order to be able to do awesome things solo (or duo with my S/O) he has a sampire as well. I have a couple questions if you don't mind assisting.

Withj all the changes since i stopped playing last year i get fairly confused. I can still take out Miasmas and the like but i have trouble with some things.

My current template is

120 Bushido
120 Swords
110 Tactics
120 Parry
99 Necro
65 Chiv
70 Anatomy

I've read a lot online and it looks like i need to drop anatomy for Resist Spells and bump chiv to 70 and necro to 100

I also need to know what are the ideal stats for gear, and my base stats.

I have heard the following:

45 HCI
45 DCI
some number of +stam and +mana
22 LMC
100 DI (or 90 w/ Div Fury)
resists 70/95/70/70/70
Some amount of +dex
SSI to max out swing speed (~50?)

It has changed so much since i last played. I really want to be able to maybe solo some champs and do stuff like Medusa/Other Bosses

Any help you could provide would be amazing.

Author:  WafflesNCyanide [ 02 Sep 2013, 22:29 ]
Post subject:  Re: Sampire Questions

Oh sweet baby jesus. I just read about reforging. WHY IS EVERYTHING DIFFERENT. lol Now i need to learn THAT.

Author:  Gilmour [ 04 Sep 2013, 05:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: Sampire Questions

Aye, the main issue with sampires is reaching the hci cap, with reforging however can use low level runics to reforge this onto pieces then imbue the remaining stats.

This is normally recommended, unless you have an insane amount of high level runics and/or gold to spend.

Author:  Silverbird [ 08 Sep 2013, 13:15 ]
Post subject:  Re: Sampire Questions

Most ppl that do bigger stuff with their sampires specialized onto one boss or onto one encounter. They use different settings for different bosses. (Ofc different weapons but also changing templates with the help of soulstones.)
2 Sampires usually is not the best option to team up, since only one player can honor a target at a time. So one of you would be at a disadvantage from the start.

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