To be clear.
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Author:  Frarc [ 15 Oct 2014, 05:33 ]
Post subject:  To be clear.

Me leaving for Stratics has nothing to do with leaving UO.

And although I liked writing for Stratics, I been thinking of leaving them for months. It was for Petra I stayed, I liked working with her.

I felt there was not much respect for all our hard work and free time we put in the things we did for Stratics. If it was making news, or doing research , or moderating forums. The negative reactions on the Stratics forums on what we did was way more then the positive. That is not something I wanted to keep spending my free time for.

I'm not going to write a goodbye on Stratics, I already see the disrespect to us and that we are called rats. But thats the too often nasty nature of the Stratics forums.

When I saw Petra leave , I saw the only reason that kept me on Stratics gone, So I left shortly after her.And many others followed.

But don't worry, I keep writing and announce events for UOB ,Knuckleheads , and COY like I been doing for the last years. I even asked Gilmour to adjust my Signature and It will show as Knuckleheads reporter. :)


I never regret anything I do.

Who knows what the future will bring......But you will have to deal with Jigsaw and Frarc for a while ;)

Author:  Maria Holan [ 16 Oct 2014, 00:22 ]
Post subject:  Re: To be clear.

We should collect some items for Petra Fyde and give her a little gift on Drachenfels.

I will gladly chime in but we need to hurry - end of RtB coming soon. :)

Author:  Stephen [ 17 Oct 2014, 18:25 ]
Post subject:  Re: To be clear.

A Knucklehead News Reporter! Has a great ring to it...

I never spent much time on the Stratics forums, so I'm a bit out of the loop about this "news".. Things change though, so let's just see where this new path goes to! ;)

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