Guidelines for Aggro Dumping in Group
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Author:  Gilmour [ 18 Oct 2015, 15:14 ]
Post subject:  Guidelines for Aggro Dumping in Group

This is work in progress!

This is a general guideline regarding the Ethics in the act of aggrodumping in a group fight where you wish to work together with the ones around You.

These guidelines are not expected to be enforced for public fights where you do not know people you fight fight, and to be fair, don't really care. Expecting these guidelines to be enforced would simply be asking too much, so do what everyone else does at those and be selfish! However judge the group you fight with, if they make an effort to work together, don't say no.. it's in your favour

What is Aggro Dumping?
Aggro dumping is the act of dumping/losing aggro from mobs on you, to make them not attack you anymore. Alone this have no consequences for anyone as the mobs will simply go back to being passive, but in a group combat you dumping aggro at the expense of something else gaining aggro is not always the best choice.

How to Aggro Dump
The main method of aggro dumping is making yourself invisible, this is done in 3 main ways.
  • Invisibility Spell (Circle 6 Magery)
  • Hiding Skill
  • Invisibility Potions

Another potential way of aggrodumping is using peacemaking (bard skill)
But you should think really hard if you use area peace in group combat, as that can F*** things up really good, being a complete area aggro dump from everyone in the area of effect.

To get the mobs that you wish to aggro dump to hit the desired target, know this: Pretty much all (if not all) mobs.. will make initial aggro on the nearest target to them. Let's try an example with my leet drawing skil.

Example 1: When you invis the mobs chasing you will go to the closest target which is what you want. Simple kite the mobs around til the mobs is in position, then invis when they are, and remove yourself from the situation.

Example 2: Dumping aggro at this time will only make mobs chase a target that is not fit for getting targeted too, this could be a tamer healing a dragon, a char with no defensive skills or several other templates that doesn't cope with being hit well.


-- Get it? If not ask away.. :)

You should aggro dump if you have a one that desires to have mobs hitting that person and/or pet, for the purpose of aoeing the mobs down, or simply for survival of the group as a whole by having a person or pet take the heat so that the more squishy members of the group may focus on damaging without kiting and similar.

When NOT to Aggro Dump
You should never ever be selfish in a group you wish to help, dumping aggro on someone equally squishy or maybe even more squishy, is never a good idea. Think for a bit: "can I handle this?" if the answer is yes and no better option to dump to, keep then on you, kite them, heal yourself or use whatever method you need to keep them on you whilst not killing you.

Hope some find this useful.

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