New Quest - Publish #92 ( Valley of One )
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Author:  Riondil [ 03 Mar 2016, 06:52 ]
Post subject:  New Quest - Publish #92 ( Valley of One )

Hallo all,

yesterday I was trying to start the new quest, introduced with publish #92.

Was quite funny ... was trying to find the quest giver with some some mate from the Alliance, but we have been unlucky and did not find him ( checked Blackthorn Castle in Trammel, in Felucca, another one in Ilshenar ).

Was trying today at Test Center - and Lord Blackthorn ( wasn't he dead? ) and the quest giver appeared at the Castle Blackthorn in Trammel ... tried again then on Drachenfels and he was now there ( far east wing ) - and I was able to start the quest ( possibly it just needed the shared reboot to get active ).

After accepting it you then need to quickly head to Eodon - at Sir Geoffrey camp you will find the contact whom you need to give a scroll, to start or continue with the quest chain ( have not done further then that yet ).

So far ... cheers and happy hunting!


Author:  Siward [ 04 Mar 2016, 17:52 ]
Post subject:  Re: New Quest - Publish #92 ( Valley of One )

Have you completed it by now?
Can you tell how long it takes?

Author:  Riondil [ 05 Mar 2016, 13:24 ]
Post subject:  Re: New Quest - Publish #92 ( Valley of One )

So far sadly did not have time to further play the quest ... but I have seen at the Alliance chat that people are quite actively working on the quest ... with some already finished it ( you receive a random reward ... not sure if you can do the quest more then 1 time ).

Attached a link with some further information: ... est-chain/

...was not able playing much this week ( family activities and stuff at home ) ... also started training my 2 small tigers ... plan is to train them and make them use for Honor raising, to then finally train a Greater Dragon.

So much things to do ... so little time :-)

Possibly some Alliance Quest related activities ongoing on weekend. Lets see ... for sure the quest is too hard to be done alone.

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