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Found in New Magincia (Trammel)    
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Change Log
  • [Sep. 1st 2016] Added Fey Slayer to list of imbueable stats in calculator and properties.
  • [Nov. 5th 2015] Fixed an issue with saving items if custom was enabled.
  • [Dec. 29th 2013] Fixed an issue with print friendly giving 404 error.
  • [Jul. 5th 2013] Balanced can no longer be put on throwing weapons.
  • [Jul. 5th 2013] Added Balanced and increased weight for two handed weapons according to Pub 81 changes.
  • [May. 5th 2013] Fixed weapon base damage and speed according to Pub 81 changes.
  • [May. 5th 2013] Removed Mage Armor because of Pub 81.
  • [May. 5th 2013] Fixed Pub 81 changes to bow max weight.
  • [Feb. 3rd 2013] Can now save your items into our dabase for later viewing. (Requires registration)
  • [Feb. 3rd 2013] Fixed issues regarding: Whetstones. (Thank you James)
  • [Feb. 3rd 2013] Fixed issues regarding: Ranged Weapon and HLM/HLL. (Thank you Greg)
  • [Feb. 3rd 2013] Fixed issues regarding: Velocity on Throwing weapons. (Thank you Aragorn)
  • [Feb. 3rd 2013] Fixed issues regarding: Mage Armor being allowed on medable items.
  • [Feb. 3rd 2013] Fixed issues regarding: Gargoyle Jewelry in wrong category. (Thank you bocnovic & Puck)
  • Check out the news post that explains the fixes and additions: Here

Known Issues:
  • A slight mis-calculation for velocity stat (ranged weapons), has been confirmed.
  • If you find additional issues, be sure to report them, so we can get them on our to-do list.

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