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58th Knucklehead Auction - January 8th '16

Posted by Gilmour on Thursday Dec. 24th '15 at 09:29 (UTC)


Greetings Citizens of Drachenfels

The 58th Auction is now accepting items for the event on Friday, January 8th '16. at 20:30 CET

Our service with brining bought items to Atlantic or Europa continues: Any items bought in auction can be moved free of cost to Atlantic or Europa within 48 hours (ICQ no. of winner required)

You can add items for this event by hitting the Add Auction link (once logged in).

Current program and more information at:


You may submit 4 entries per person.

See Auction FAQ for additional information.

Hope to see some interesting items submitted.

And merry Christmas to everyone!
- The Knuckleheads

PS: Remember that whatever the items sell for goes 100% to you, there is no fees or commission!

About Gilmour

Gilmour is a coder and designer on our site, doing mainly graphics and cosmetic design, also a part of the Knucklehead event team.

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