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EM Program July 2018

Posted by Gilmour on Tuesday Jul. 3rd '18 at 00:45 (UTC+1)

Dear Drachenfelsians, today I can inform you about the program for the month of July. As you can see, it is a reduced program, as many Sosarian people are on vacation.

Like always, the events are starting at 8:30pm CEST (UTC+2), meeting point as mentioned in the following list. Gates will be provided from WBB and Britain Commons (BC), and also New Haven and Luna.

Sunday, 22th – Main Event: Only 162, EM Hall, Britain, Trammel
Sunday 29th – Royal Audience & Main HoF Event: HoF Ceremony V, Castle Blackthorn, Trammel
See you all soon,

EM Lyraa

Avatar About the author:
Gilmour is a coder and designer on our site, doing mainly graphics and cosmetic design, also a part of the Knucklehead event team.

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