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Map Hosting Update

Posted by Gilmour on Wednesday Jul. 8th '20 at 11:41 (UTC)

Greetings Sosarians

A little update on the map server hosting situation provided by us.

We have recieved quite a few requests on providing Cartographer servers. While we would love to do this, we are restricted by the server software. restricting it to one instance per machine due to the software's implemtation of .NET framework. Making it not a valid option to host with our setup.

However, You can now get an Ultima Mapper server. By using the Contact Form, and including the following information:

    * Prefered Networkname (could be guild abbreations or similar)
    * Prefered password (make it unique)

Thank you for using the service we provide, and don't forget that if you do enjoy it. Please consider throwing a few coins our way.

Download ultimamapper client: Here

- The Knuckleheads

About Gilmour

Gilmour is a coder and designer on our site, doing mainly graphics and cosmetic design, also a part of the Knucklehead event team.

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