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Dekstop Suit Calculator

Posted by Gilmour on Tuesday Jul. 14th '20 at 16:43 (UTC)

Created by Kaj Kajsen

Introducing Desktop Suit Calculator, this is a windows desktop application to put together an entire suit of armor, and get the combined value of (all) stats.

We all know it can be quite the challenge to remember everything when building a suit, and you find this pair of super gloves that will be perfect, but now you are 2% LMC Short :(

The calculator allows you do try it out in a "virtual" environment, with an interface that gives you the information you need in a glance.

To check it out head to the newly created page for it.

As this a new piece of development, you may encounter issues or thing not working as intended. Please do use the Contact Form and select "Desktop Suit Calculator", to report any bugs or feedback to it.

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Gilmour is a coder and designer on our site, doing mainly graphics and cosmetic design, also a part of the Knucklehead event team.

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