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Calender Rehash.

Posted by Gilmour on Monday Jan. 25th '21 at 23:32 (UTC)

Hello Everybody!

Frontpage calendar is being rehashed to show events from all shards, and is currently to be considered in beta phase.

Features to come is to elaborate on timezone (maybe include the local time and zone for the eventshard), The timezone shown now is UTC by default or whatever you set it to in your User Control Panel.

If you experience any issues with it, such as:

* Time/Date Incorrect
* Links not working
* Other errors

Please Contact us!

Known issues:
[Tentatively Fixed] [Investigating Further] Issue where local shard time sometimes is off by an hour. The converted time and countdown should still be accurate. Feedback requested if you still discover issues.
[Fixed] The day shows by default a day sooner for most NA based events, since the default time zone is UTC (white time), where as the grey time (shard local time), does not indicate sufficiently the day change. IE Tuesday 02:00 UTC, with a local shard time of Monday 21:00 EST. Thinking of a fix that doesn't break the display format. But will highly recommend setting your local time zone in UCP.
[Fixed] Local Shard time zones may display in their daylight saving variants, IE. EDT instead of EST, despite the fact EST is the correct one, and the time should be correct.

Take care out there!
- The Knuckleheads

About Gilmour

Gilmour is a coder and designer on our site, doing mainly graphics and cosmetic design, also a part of the Knucklehead event team.

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