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Guild/Alliance Roster
This is the new roster, it uses key components of the old, but this one is MyUO independant.

Currently there is 89 guilds in our database.

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Angels of Britannia
Guild Abbrevation: AoB
Guild Shard: Drachenfels
Members: 30 (+5)

An'Anait, Bewahrer des Lichts
An'Taris, Traumfaenger
Asmodina, Cellarian Angel
Aturi Herbstwind
Elenor Fendala
Fiona Feuersturm, Fearless Angel
Galbrith, Der Tolpatsch
Galin, Hard working Angel
Heather, Amazing Angel
Hetep'Heres, Construction Angel
Joy, Lovely Angel
Jys'kadar DeVir, Angel of Shades
K'Al, Flapping Angel
Leif Wolfsen
Lieschen, Colouring Angel
Maya, Angel of Honesty
Meheri'Mene, Angel's Melody
Mene'Tekel, Thunder Heart Angel
Mickey, Poisoning Angel
NinaLuna, Angel of Fear
ROLSIM, Fallen Angel
Shiva, Lonesome Angel
Tormod Bloodlust, Lord of Underground
Zaubermaus, Magic Angel

Inactive Members:
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