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This is the new roster, it uses key components of the old, but this one is MyUO independant.

Currently there is 89 guilds in our database.

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Camannon Aman Thalion
Guild Abbrevation: CAT
Guild Shard: Drachenfels
Members: 43

Alia, Weirding Warrior
Ariel Darkstar, SeaStar
Ariye, GM Packrat
Belthazor, The Source
Bochel, God Of Crafting
Box Lighter, Pandora's
Buchel, Fusion Bat
Buzzz Buzzz, Quicksilver
Dark Angel, The Golden Daemon
Destiny, The Hyena
Elspeth, White Witch
Gabrielle, The Chameleon
Jessica Goldfox, Horse Whisperer
Jessica Slyfox, Guild Scribe
Keenan Duress, Air Force One
Kerowyn Masters, Paladin Princess
Kitterly Slyfox, Lightfingers
Lessa, Songbird
Mac, Lycanthropy
Marc Rothgar, Viking
Maximillion Sun, Shogun
MJ, Xscape
Muffin Honey, Calico
Myst Ravenclaw, Nightcrawler
N'cat, Mistress of Metal
New Frarc, Virtuous Knight
New Frarc, Paladin
Ninetales, Crafter
Pegasus Red, Shadow
Rhone Underhill, Pumpkin
Rintoo, Starblade
Sandshrew, Junior Packrat
Sara Stitches, Masterchef
Scorpio, Nightshade
Seinentai, Arcanist
Seinentai, MCC Shard Traveller
Seoman, Captain
Stella New, High Witch
Sybille Scrible, The Vampire
Tayla Kai, Medic
Tommeke Beans , Tornado Tom
Willem The Third, The Black Rose
Willow Woods, Material Girl
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