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This is the new roster, it uses key components of the old, but this one is MyUO independant.

Currently there is 89 guilds in our database.

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Guild Abbrevation: B-T
Guild Shard: Drachenfels
Members: 13

Carl, Crevard
Clem Shirestock, Ressourceur
Jestra, Necromage
Kery, Empoisonneuse
LiNeerlay Kilsek, Barde de lard
Lorcryst, Marchand de canons
Millie, Scribouille
Mizkitty, Trouveuse
Nymphadora, Cuistot
Panacea, Heal Bot
Rowan, Sword Maiden
Shallah, Crafteuse
Sofia, Cartographe

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