Guild/Alliance Roster
This is the new roster, it uses key components of the old, but this one is MyUO independant.

Currently there is 89 guilds in our database.

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Orden des Sutek [ OdS]
Adventurer's of Sosaria [A_S]
Angels of Britannia [AoB]
Angels of Sosaria [AoSr]
B-Team [B-T]
Britain Sailors [BS]
Bruderschaft des Lichtes [BdL]
Camannon Aman Thalion [CAT]
Celtii Nordica [C]
Champ [ChG]
Children of the Night [CotN]
Circus Charivari [CICA]
Club Der Dichten Toten [WIPE]
Confedera Faction Stone [NOX]
Council-of-Yew [CoY]
Dangerous Games [DOG]
Danish Knuckleheads [DK]
Descendants from Asgard [~A~]
Destroyers of Doom []
Die Hamsterbande [DHB]
Die Kleinen Strolche [DKS]
Die Paladine von Trinsic [+P+]
Die Wilde 13 [W13]
Drachenfels Russian Guild [RGoD]
Drachenfelsians United [DF-U]
Drachenkrieger [D_K]
Dragon Clan [D C]
Dreamworks Inc. [DW]
East Britain Community Center [EBCC]
Elite Knights [E_K]
Erdbeeren-Armee [E-A]
Eternal Friends [E@F]
Ever Happy [EH?]
Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI]
Freshfishers [Ffs]
Friends of Hal [Hal]
Gemeinschaft der Miner [G*M]
Glorious and chivalrous knighthood [Gack]
Golden Fang Casino [ATL]
Good Times [G_T]
Grand Danois [GrD]
Guardian Angels [G^A]
Guards of Westcliff [GoW]
High Council of Yew [HCoY]
Laderion [Lad]
Light of Sosaria [LOS]
Lords & Ladies of the Mist [LOL]
Los Demonios [LxD]
Mankind for Ethical Animal Threatment [MEAT]
Masters of Might & Magic Britannia [M*M]
Miliz vom Tempel des Baphomet [MTB]
Mother of Mayhem [MOM]
My'Rahel [MyR]
Mystischer Zirkel Britannia [MZB]
Neighborhood Watch [N-W]
Pain Suffer Death [PSD]
Pirates of Darkness [PoD]
Pirates of the Sosarian Seas [Yarr]
Quacklebushs Dirty Dozen [Q12]
Rares Info Center [ R|C]
RING [~R~]
Rollendes Suizidkommando [R*S]
Secret Army of Sosoria [S]
Semper Fi [S-F]
Semper Fidelis [SF]
Show Me The Money [$M$]
Silen Requiem [SRQM]
Sneezing Birds of Sosaria [H5N1]
Sosaria Suits & Swords [#S#]
Stadtwache Drachental [SWD]
Suicide Squad of Sosaria [SOS!]
The Arctic Circle [TAC]
The Brave Men of Vesper [BMV]
The Dark Side [D S]
The Guardian Angels [TGA]
The Gypsies from Minoc [TGM]
The Gypsies from Nujel'm [TGN]
The Gypsies from the Isle of Fire [TGIF]
The Havanna Club [THC]
The Knuckleheads [^K^]
The Unseelie Court [UC]
Ultima Online Veterans [UOV]
Verteidiger des Wahren Bloedsinns [V B]
Veterinarian [VET]
War Squad [W S]
Watchers of Imperishable Respect [WIR]
Whitehawks [WH]
WorldsAway Memorial Clan [WAC]
Zum durstigen Bruder [ZDB]