Guild/Alliance Roster
This is the new roster, it uses key components of the old, but this one is MyUO independant.

Results played by: Gilmour
Chars played by Gilmour: 26

a Knucklehead, Legendary Worker of
Bestia Rememdium, Public Relations
Elena Elahhez, Irk Spanker
Flora Danica, Green Fingered Lady
Gil of Britain, Rum is Good
Gilmour, Arcanic Tamer
Gilmour, Nagver
Gilmour, Warcher
Gilmour, Mountaineer
Ivana Humpalot, Red Desire
Jenny Wright, Groupie
Jilli, Sampire
Loony Elahhez, The Infamous
Loony Elahhez, Drachenfelsian
Loony Elahhez, The Infamous
Loony Elahhez, The Outcast
Loony Elahhez, The Famed
Maria Lindsey, The Unpolished Pearl
Mary of Denmark, Royalty
Menyanthes, Green Fingered Lady
Meragos Costalo, Hispa Tempo
Nana D'Lahess, Disco Queen
Remington Steele, Woodworker
Remington Steele, Craftsman
Veronica Lake, Serenity
Yvonne, Scribe

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