Guild/Alliance Roster
This is the new roster, it uses key components of the old, but this one is MyUO independant.

Results played by: Stephen
Chars played by Stephen: 50

a Knucklehead, Slave
Adalais Keowynn, Dread Mare Abuser
Angus Young, I Salute You
Ardana, Dragon Goddess
Arsenio, The Lost One
Arya Stark, No One
Ash, Hail To The King
Atholl Brose, Ill-Tempered Cook
Baldrick, Sosarian Monk
Brisco County Jr, Bounty Hunter
Bruce Campbell, If Chins Could Kill
Connor MacManus, Veritas
Daenerys, Mother of Dragons
Don Corleone, The Godfather
Exmortis, Klaatu Verata Nicto
Flashheart, Woof Woof
Fuzzy Wuzzy, Not a Woman
Han Solo, I Shot First
Herlock Sholmes, Elementary
Il Duce, Perma Ghost
Jack Blythe, Cool Cat Jack
Jade, Queen Of Poison
Julia, Auctioneer
Kal'Ger, Manic Flapper
Knucklehead, Part Of The
Larei, Innocent
Lizzie Borden, Forty Whacks
Martigan, Mad Martigan
Mike the Goyle, Overgrown Mongbat
Murphy MacManus, Aequitas
Ortus Nex, Former ZZ Top
S-Mart, Shop Smart
Selene Lestat, Depraved Evil
Silent Bob, Shakes His Head
Simon Belmont, Vampire Hunter
Snake Plissken, Call Me Snake
Stephen, The Other One
Stephen, Chop Chop
Stephen, The Crazy Minstrel
Stephen, The One And Only
Stephen, Another One
Stephen, The Final One
Stephen, The Atlantic Version
Sweyn Forkbeard, The Conqueror
The Knuckleheads, Promoter
Windiana Bones, I Lost My Whip
Yasmine De'Tear, Golden Dealer
Yellowbeard, Cap'n Yellowbeard
Zapp Brannigan, DOOP General
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