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Gilmour 15w 2d ago: Looking for a helpful soul to keep our site updated with current em event schedule, primarily. Give me a poke if it has interest.
Ruellion 21w 5d ago: Hmm...
Anonymous 21w 5d ago: Long time! o/
Gilmour 41w 6d ago: @Stephen Oh sheet... cya in 2030 i guess :(
Stephen 41w 6d ago: @Gilmour Better make sure you counted correctly! Start over...... I'll make some coffee..
Gilmour 42w ago: @Stephen started in 2004, so.... a while ;)
Stephen 42w ago: @Gilmour How long does it take you to count to your new favorite number??
Gilmour 42w ago: UO Automap and Ultima Mapper servers are once again available for hosting with a more sustainable hosting solution.
Gilmour 42w ago: 20,000,000 is my new favorite number... ;)
Gilmour 50w 5d ago: Hey you folks :)
Leighton 51w 1d ago: Why is it showing me as Anon? It's Leighton :)
Anonymous 51w 1d ago: Hey Guys! Long time no hello, so Hello!
Gilmour 56w 5d ago: @Anonymous for me? :)
Anonymous 57w 4d ago: Happy Birthday 2017-07-09.
Gilmour 60w 5d ago: Note on mapservers: The system will reboot once daily at 8am CET (that 2am EST), Should be available again within a few minutes.
Gilmour 66w 3d ago: Encryption enabled sitewide! Identified by the padlock and/or "https" in addressline. If you get errors (some elements insecure) please let me know.
Gilmour 73w ago: Save items feature should now be fully compatible with the custom stats on imbuing calculator [Link]
Gilmour 76w 5d ago: fixed a 404 pebcak error on the testing imbuing calc, please give feedback on it, found at [Link]
Nick 81w ago: Live long and prosper!
Nick 81w ago: Captain on the bridge *communicator noise*
Gilmour 83w 2d ago: Helloooooowe!
Maria Holan 84w 4d ago: New. Year. Happy?
Siward 85w 5d ago: Merry Christmas to you all
Gilmour 87w 4d ago: Testing on Map Server service extended. Would like some more feedback on it's functionality, reliability and potential bugs.
Maria Holan 95w 5d ago: @Stephen You hurt my feelings.
Stephen 95w 5d ago: @Maria Holan Get a DeLorean!
Maria Holan 96w ago: @Gilmour I don't have time to get started.
Gilmour 96w ago: @Maria Holan You know you can start with II or even I right? most of us did :)
Maria Holan 96w ago: I need gold to buy Volume III mastery things. Among other... things.
Maria Holan 96w 1d ago: @Gilmour Please don't call me greedy :(
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