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Gilmour 262w 5d ago: @Maria Holan I don't think there is any knuckleheads for sale ;)
Maria Holan 262w 5d ago: @Stephen Will do. By the way are there any Danish Knuckleheads for sale? With all the inflation in UO, how much does a Danish Knucklehead cost these days?
Stephen 263w 1d ago: @Maria Holan Make sure you have deep pockets then!!
Maria Holan 263w 2d ago: @Gilmour Very well. Time for a change. All future auction gold should be redirected to my pockets.
Gilmour 263w 2d ago: Our auctions now sold for a combined 5 billions. Gold which went directly in the pockets of submitters.
Stephen 263w 2d ago: Thanks to all attending the auction tonight.. What a nice turnout!
Stephen 263w 2d ago: @Frarc What about an F-Shirt for your friends with 2 arms on one side?
Frarc 263w 3d ago: I want a T-Shirt! [Link]
Gilmour 264w ago: Located the source of the problem, and all is well again, thanks to Stephen!
Maria Holan 264w 3d ago: @Gilmour No problem at all.
Gilmour 264w 3d ago: Sorry we had a little outage due to errors, It is running again, however page title is not working fully.
Maria Holan 264w 6d ago: Nicodemus?
Maria Holan 266w 6d ago: @Mandrake If my name was Dr. Mandrake I would not worry too much about Dr. Holan :-) Did my castle fall already? I thought it was due in October
Mandrake 267w ago: Maria Holan, you there??? Now I am worried about you...
Stephen 268w 2d ago: @Lad Hope you have a nice day with him. And don't worry, there's always next time! :)
Lad 268w 3d ago: Hi, today is my Fathers Birthday. So I don't know if I can make it to the Auction.
Frarc 268w 4d ago: The Traders Quest. [Link]
Nick 269w 2d ago: Howdy, folks! @Frarc: We took care of Messi. Tell your Belgians ;-)
Gilmour 271w 3d ago: @Maria Holan Thanks ;)
Maria Holan 271w 4d ago: Happy Birthday!
Gilmour 272w 2d ago: Thanks to everyone for attenting our auction tonight!
Frarc 272w 5d ago: Tell Messi , The Belgian Red Devils are coming!
Frarc 274w 2d ago: Goooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal... oh wait to soon.....
Gilmour 274w 2d ago: All fine in Sosaria? ;)
Stephen 276w 2d ago: Thanks to all attending the auction! :)
Gilmour 276w 2d ago: Auction tonight 20:30 CEST, don't miss out! Program at [Link]
Frarc 276w 3d ago: Help me : [Link]
Maria Holan 276w 3d ago: Dr. Elahhez, can you delete that spoiler please so I can forget about it?
Maria Holan 276w 3d ago: @Stephen ARGH
Stephen 276w 4d ago: @Maria Holan Spoiler Alert! ...................... He's dead!
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