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Maria Holan 297w 4d ago: Hello Dr. Stephen, hello Dr. Frarc
Stephen 297w 5d ago: I'm around!
Frarc 297w 5d ago: Maria Holan thinks i hate her! I want to know where she gets that stupid idea!
ParadoX 297w 5d ago: Quite hard to reach him during the week
Maria Holan 297w 5d ago: Is Stephen around?
Maria Holan 297w 6d ago: Price Check: Amuse-Gueule from EM event 2011
Maria Holan 298w ago: WBB seems very deserted, tried 5 times today.
ParadoX 298w 1d ago: Always at a WBB close to you
Maria Holan 298w 2d ago: Where is the Nicodemus?
Frarc 299w 4d ago: All Governors and trade deals i have posted in General chat forum. :)
Eaerendil 299w 4d ago: Who won? And what trade deals are on?
Stephen 299w 5d ago: Next step....... Emperor!
Gilmour 299w 5d ago: Congratulations to the newly elected governors!
Eaerendil 299w 6d ago: Hey Para! Wassup?
ParadoX 300w 2d ago: Trade Deals active! Hey Nick :D
Frarc 300w 3d ago: Governors :)
Eaerendil 300w 4d ago: What are we voting on?
Frarc 301w 2d ago: Voting!
Frarc 301w 2d ago: Votong Has Started!
Stephen 301w 2d ago: UO is one long lesson! Learn something new all the time.. ;)
Frarc 301w 3d ago: Geuss Voting is Sunday. :)
Gilmour 301w 6d ago: Alrighty, thanks!
Frarc 301w 6d ago: Saturday. Its one week to place candidates and then one week to vote.
Gilmour 301w 6d ago: When are you able to vote for candidates, in this City Election?
Frarc 302w 3d ago: Frarc for Governor! :D
Gilmour 303w 3d ago: The program for the Auction on 7th of June is now full.
Gilmour 303w 4d ago: The program for the auction on 7th June is filling superfast, better hurry if you wish some items on it.
Gilmour 304w 1d ago: Hosting bill incoming early June which is covered by donations: Thank you all. With it we will accept donations again to cover 2014/2015 bill.
Gilmour 304w 1d ago: Wonderful!
Stephen 304w 1d ago: Thanks.. Having a great time so far.. Nice weather..
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