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Eaerendil 240w 3d ago: I will be back!
Silverbird 240w 3d ago: Looks like not many, who look here, have anything in their mind *g*
Gilmour 240w 4d ago: Had fun at Melisande runs yesterday, Thanks all!
Frarc 241w ago: Pageviews :)
Silverbird 241w ago: 7mill+ clicks? donations? *looksconfused*
Frarc 241w ago: Weeeeeeeeee onwards to 10 Million!
Gilmour 241w ago: 7.000.000 .. What a nice number ;) Thank you all!
Gilmour 241w 4d ago: Fixed a potential error on the Add' target=external>Link] Character Page, related to skill values with decimals.
Gilmour 241w 5d ago: Program has been closed for submitting. Cya Friday!
Gilmour 242w 4d ago: Closing in on last chance to add items for auction..
Leighton 242w 5d ago: Is anybody doing a shard transfer from ATL to DF Soon?
Maria Holan 242w 5d ago: Can anyone provide me with a Mysticism and a Focus Scroll, please?
Gilmour 242w 6d ago: Can now submit items for the Auction on 3. May khead.dk/auction' target=external>Link]
Gilmour 243w ago: Sadly i dont have any of those items.. :(
Silverbird 243w 4d ago: Quick! Rush over to the trade forums and offer me the items I am looking for. I dont want to wait an eternity for them ... *g*
Gilmour 243w 6d ago: Don't forget to follow our Twitch' target=external>Link] Channel, to be noticed when we are streaming! ;)
Sheeana 244w ago: Just in case noone noticed yet: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekeeeeeeeeeend!
Sheeana 244w ago: o.O Usurpator!
Frarc 244w ago: Frarc for Governor! :D
Gilmour 244w ago: Will be a week or so before pub 81 on Drach i think.. ;)
Sheeana 244w 1d ago: am so bored at work (even if theres lots to do) ... wanna go home! And I want pup 81 active on DF! Sooooo many T-mas and Sos waiting to be digged/fished up!
Sheeana 244w 1d ago: I bet it was in the pockets of a CC she found! *giggles and runs away*
Gilmour 244w 2d ago: Most likely it is a player no longer active, where did you find it? ;)
Maria Holan 244w 2d ago: Anyone know Lord Dyvim? I found his Personal Bless Deed and don't know what to do with the deed. Help me please!
Frarc 244w 2d ago: OHM!
Gilmour 244w 6d ago: Thanks all for attending our auction yesterday, ingame and/or via our stream, sorry for tthe audio issues.. ;)
Gilmour 245w 1d ago: Resume from 3rd Deal or No Deal is now on Youtube via EO Gamer http://youtu.be/__JO1i15q8w' target=external>Link]
Gilmour 245w 3d ago: Don't miss out on auction this friday!
Gilmour 245w 5d ago: Aye, no more items allowed this round :(
Frarc 245w 5d ago: The golden goose is the easter present.
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