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Introducing: Knuckleheads' Silent Auctions

Greetings traders

We now have another way to buy items at auctions, a different kind of auctions - Silent Auctions.

Plot is simple:
You look in the golden boxes what is up for grabs, and read the book next to it on the display case, which contains information about the item as well as a minimum bid, if any is posted.

If you wish to bid on the item, you pick up a ticket (purple book) at the vendor named "Ticket Master", and fill it out with your bid in the title, and contact info in the body of the book.

A more detailed manual can be found at the Knuckleheads' Silent Auctions house at a table front center both in English and German.

You cannot know what has already been bid on a certain item, so if you really want an item, you may need to be generous in your offer to be sure you get it!

Auction Cycle
Once a week, on Sunday 16:00 CET (4pm CET), the highest bid will win the item or items up for grabs. And a new set of items will be put up during the week, but not necessarily on Sunday, they might come in as week progress!

The Knuckleheads' Silent Auctions house can be found 2 plots north of the teleportation hub in New Magincia, and the teleportation hub is also linked to the Silent Auction House.


Submitting Items To Be Auctioned
To submit items to be auctions you need to contact either Stephen or myself, at least one of us can be reached ingame most afternoons/evenings (CET).

Have fun bidding! And do give us some feedback on this project, if you got any!