Tools Provided by the Knuckleheads.
Here is our tools listed with a short description, You can click the Tool name or the button to access the specific tool.

Imbuing Calculator
A tool to calculate the total weight of selected properties and output the materials needed for the stat/weight combinations picked. There is the ability to save projects for later viewing and/or sharing.

Imbuing Projects
Fetch saved projects from the imbuing calculator, Either via list (logged in) or ID provided by someone else.

Imbuing Stat List
This list contains all the stats that is imbueable, what they are imbueable on along what materials they use and min/step/max weight and intensities.

Swing Speed Calculator
Tool for calculating actual swing speed based on stamina, weapon speed and swing speed increase.

Mana Regeneration Calculator
This Calculator Tells you your total and partial manaregen (medi and non-medi) based on the official formular.

Resist Calculator
A Calculator to add up the resists on a suit of armor to aid with building an entire suit.

Transfer Central
This is a tool that is useful if you wish
to take items for others when you travel between shards,
or wish items along on someone else's trip.

Got a suggestion for a tool?
We always looking to expand our tools program, so if you got a suggestion for a tool, we would love to hear it, you can contact us via our contact formular.