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Known Issues:
  • Custom stats does not appear on saved projects
  • Velocity is sometimes off by 1 relating to recent critical fix, se below
  • Reforged Luck on bows may have a 1:1 weight ratio (rather than a 1.2:1 ratio that is normal for bows), as such calculating weight on bows with reforged luck may show inaccurate values in our calculator vs reality.
  • Luck on throwing weapons is assigned as 120 luck@100 weight, correct number is 100 intensity. Fix is on to-do list.
  • If you find additional issues, be sure to report them, so we can get them on our to-do list.

Change Log
  • [Jun. 14th 2023]
    Mostly fixed an issue with velocity on ranged weapons, where calculator was assuming minimum value of 1 - where it is actually 11. Note that: calculation may be off by 1 specifically for velocity - for now.
  • [May. 16th 2021]
    Added the custom stats Durability and Lower Requirements on Weapons
  • [May. 16th 2021]
    Added the custom stats Stamina, Mana and Hit Point increase on Jewelry
  • [Feb. 16th 2021]
    Fixed an oversight, where total mods frame was left unstyled
  • [Jan. 21st 2021]
    Minor UI Updates (if you experience issues clear cache or force refresh)
  • [Aug. 27th 2020]
    UI updates with responsive design (mobile friendly)
  • [Aug. 23rd 2020]
    Woodland Armor damage bonus added as available stat (when custom mode selected)
  • [Jul. 31st 2019]
    Now with custom stats. When Custom Mode is enabled, custom (non-imbuable) stats will appear at the bottom of the stat list.
  • [Jul. 31st 2019]
    UI Updated to go in line with new design.
  • [Dec. 29th 2013]
    Fixed an issue with print friendly giving 404 error.
  • [Jul. 5th 2013]
    Balanced can no longer be put on throwing weapons.
  • [Jul. 5th 2013]
    Added Balanced and increased weight for two handed weapons according to Pub 81 changes.
  • [May. 5th 2013]
    Fixed weapon base damage and speed according to Pub 81 changes.
  • [May. 5th 2013]
    Removed Mage Armor due to Pub 81 changes.
  • [May. 5th 2013]
    Fixed Pub 81 changes to bow max weight.
  • [Feb. 3rd 2013]
    Can now save your items into our dabase for later viewing. (Requires registration)
  • [Feb. 3rd 2013]
    Fixed issues regarding: Whetstones. (Thank you James)
  • [Feb. 3rd 2013]
    Fixed issues regarding: Ranged Weapon and HLM/HLL. (Thank you Greg)
  • [Feb. 3rd 2013]
    Fixed issues regarding: Velocity on Throwing weapons. (Thank you Aragorn)
  • [Feb. 3rd 2013]
    Fixed issues regarding: Mage Armor being allowed on medable items.
  • [Feb. 3rd 2013]
    Fixed issues regarding: Gargoyle Jewelry in wrong category. (Thank you bocnovic & Puck)