Transfer Central   [Add Trip]
This page is designated to people who wish others to take along items on transfer for them and/or people who are transfereing and wants to take along items for others.

Add Trip

Max Items * Max 300 shield, 925 promotional
Max items per person 0 to disable personal limit
Price per item Leave 0 for free, otherwise max 7 digits
Nickname ** Pick one people know you by
E-mail *** Valid E-mail required
Departure Time*  
Date: yyyy-mm-dd, Time: CET if not changed in UCP (CET is now: 07:02 / 7:02 am)
Origin Shard *
Destination Shard *
Optional but recommended, HTML tags not allowed.
Traveler is tamer? NO, YES   To be able to transfer pets (in development)
Captcha QA ****How many days is there in a week?

* Required to function.
** Required when not logged in, used to display on the trip list and details.
*** Required when not logged in, used to send a validation e-mail (counter bot measure).
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