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Teleport Hub (Drachenfels)
Posted on on Thursday May. 24th '12 at 22:45 UTC+1

The teleport hub in New Magnicia on Drachenfels offers destinations to community relevant locations, this being establishments for events, shops, rune libraries, museums, or other places of interest.

The Hub is located on the plot formerly known as SE-1 on Trammel facet on Drachenfels shard. the most south eastern house on New Magincia.

You also can get a teleporter here. Reply to this thread or use our contact form to get in touch with us.

Only Requirement is it is an establishment of some community interest!

You can use the below image to find the location of the tp you search.

Ground Floor
1A: The Busy Bee (Shop)
1B: Deal or No Deal (Event)
1C: Finley's Workshop (Shop)
1D: Duncan's School of Archery and Shop (Shop)
1E: Auction House (Event)
1F: New Magincia Casino (Event)
1H: The Black Rose (Player Town (Drachental))
1I: Dr. Alzheimer Memorial (Memorial)
1J: Chicken Arena (Event)
1K: Stygian Abyss House West (Dungeon)
1L: Stygian Abyss House Easy (Dungeon)
1M: Golden Crane Library (Rune Library)
1N: S-Mart (Shop)
1O: East Britain Community Museum (Museum)
1P: CICA Shop and Collection Treasure (Shop & Museum)
1Q: Hunter's Museum (Museum)
1R: Hunter's Runelibrary (Rune Library)

Available on ground floor: 1G. If anyone want this spot, let us know.

First Floor
2A: Fire Forge Shop (Shop)
2B: Gackhaven (Playertown)
2C: MaDArroW Bow Museum (Museum & Shop)
2D: Knuckleheads' Silent Auctions (Event)
2I: Ol' Silverbow Shop (Shop)
2J: Beergarden (Social)
2K: New Magincia Tavern (Social)
2L: CLOWNs Marketplace (Shop)
2M: Knuckleheads' Reward Hall (Museum)
2N: Knuckleheads' Town Banner (Playertown)
2O: Knuckleheads' Guild House (Social)
2P: Knuckleheads' Event Gate (Event)
2Q: The Monster Museum (Museum)
2R: Blue Chavalier Tavern (Social)
2S: New Magincia Town Hall (Event)

Available on first floor: 2E, 2F, 2G, 2H & 2T. If anyone want one of these spots, let us know.

Updated: August 28th 2016




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