Swing Speed Calculator

This page is designed to help you get you your actual swing speed with selected Weapon Speed, Stamina and Swing Speed Increase.

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Swing Speed
Notes on use

This calculator give you the theoretical values you need to get a certain swing speed, it is however good practice to add 1 stamina, to be able to consistantly swing at that speed, when moving.

How it is calculated

1. Figure out Weapon Base speed in ticks. Take whatever speed in seconds your weapon says on the tooltip and multiply that number by 4. If you are barehanded, you swing at the fastest weapon rate (10 ticks = 2.5 seconds). Example: The Halberd (4.25 second base speed) has a base speed of 17 ticks.
2. Figure out Stamina Ticks (Current Stamina / 30). Example: Current Stamina = 50. So Stamina Ticks rounded down = 1.
3. Figure out Swing Speed Increase modifier from equipment. Example: 20.

Here is the calculations with example

a. Hit Start = ((Base Weapon Speed - Stamina Ticks) * (100.0 / (100 + Swing Speed Increase)))
ex. Hit Start = ((17 - 1) * (100.0 / (100 + 20)))
c. Make sure minimum swing time is never less than 5 ticks (1.25 seconds).
ex. The calculated Halberd Hit Start speed = 13 ticks (3.25 seconds).


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