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Frarc 169w 6d ago: I placed some realy great items on the auction. :)
Gilmour 170w 1d ago: Can now submit items for the 54th Knucklehead Auction [Link]
Gilmour 171w 6d ago: Auction tonight, quite a nice program [Link]
Frarc 171w 6d ago: Flowers for Everyone at WBB!
Maria Holan 173w 1d ago: @Frarc I wanna know what items you've got for the upcoming auction.
Frarc 173w 1d ago: @Gilmour I have some very nice items waiting to be added. Patience grashopper! ;)
Maria Holan 173w 3d ago: @Gilmour Ok, just give me something I can submit. :)
Maria Holan 173w 3d ago: @Frarc Facebook? That's an insult to the paying customer.
Gilmour 173w 3d ago: Still no items on program for 4th April, gogo submit!
Frarc 173w 4d ago: Drachenfels EM : Facebook. [Link]
Siward 174w 5d ago: Just heard from Euro's EM that Lyraa is currently getting used to the new tools and she will be back in action soon :)
Gilmour 175w 2d ago: @Leighton Think all is fine, our new EM was announced, EM Lyraa! some might remember her :)
Leighton 175w 2d ago: I must log back on to UO again soon! Hope you're all well.
Daniel 175w 2d ago: Hi Folks, may anyone add my Yew Event this Sat. to the Schedule please?
Gilmour 175w 3d ago: @Maria Holan Nay, didn't win anything :)
Maria Holan 175w 4d ago: @Gilmour Nice. Did I win any cookies? Coffee flavoured cookies, by any chance?
Gilmour 175w 4d ago: @Maria Holan There was ;)
Maria Holan 175w 4d ago: So... there was an auction?
Stephen 175w 5d ago: @Lad No worries mate! You were missed though! Hopefully next time there'll be less work..
Gilmour 175w 5d ago: @Lad Too bad, we missed you :)
Lad 175w 5d ago: Hi Guys. Sorry, my workplace has a Pilot Project running right now, so I slept (too long) yesterday and totally missed the Auction.
Maria Holan 176w 4d ago: @Frarc I take that as a yes
Frarc 176w 5d ago: No and If I would then I could not tell you anyway. :)
Maria Holan 177w 1d ago: Will @Frarc be the new EM of Drachenfels?
Maria Holan 179w ago: @Stephen Tell us more, please.
Stephen 180w 2d ago: @Maria Holan Aye?
Maria Holan 180w 3d ago: Stephen?
Maria Holan 183w ago: @Frarc I began liking Petra Fyde when she left the Stratics team. I began feeling hatred for the agony caused by the new team. Petra, though, needs help with her colors °-°
Gilmour 183w 3d ago: Auction payouts a bit delayed, aim to sort it out tuesday/wednesday.
Frarc 184w ago: Visit's Petra's new Playguide : [Link]
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