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Stephen 279w ago: @Frarc Excellent.. Was a nice one aswell! Congratulations! ;)
Gilmour 279w 1d ago: @Frarc Congrats!
Frarc 279w 1d ago: Finaly! I got my hands on a EM Event item! :)
Gilmour 279w 1d ago: @Maria Holan Enjoy your cappuccino! ;)
Maria Holan 279w 2d ago: All this listening makes me hungry. I think I will start with a [Link] Good morning! And good luck to you and your heirs, Dr. Alzheimer
Frarc 279w 2d ago: @Gilmour The only problem is, I never listen to myself ;)
Gilmour 279w 2d ago: @Frarc I talk to myself as well, at least one person that understand me then..
Stephen 279w 2d ago: @Frarc Yea.. Me too.. Just not always I reply myself! :(
Frarc 279w 2d ago: @Stephen I always talk to myself ;)
Gilmour 279w 2d ago: @Stephen Not anymore!
Stephen 279w 2d ago: @Stephen Great news, I can finally reply to myself!
Stephen 279w 3d ago: That's great news Nick! Congratulations.. All the best wishes mate!
Gilmour 279w 4d ago: Don't miss out on Casino night, tonight!
Gilmour 279w 4d ago: Congratulations, I hope for the best :)
Nick 279w 4d ago: Our second son is born! It was a tough ride and it was quite close. But it seems, that he will make it. 4250 gramms, 53 cm. Next days will bring, if he is completely healthy.
Stephen 279w 4d ago: A Saint Knucklehead sounds kind of scary!
Gilmour 279w 4d ago: Fixed a self caused facepalm issue with modifying skills on edit character. *doh*
Gilmour 279w 4d ago: No such theme, yet.. not sure how that would look anyways, probably very chaotic ;)
Maria Holan 279w 4d ago: Very nice, Dr. Elahhez. But what about people using the Saint Knucklead's Theme?
Gilmour 279w 6d ago: People using hildebrant theme, should no longer have a misplaced red box around calendar events.
Stephen 279w 6d ago: ...... Uhmm.. I don't think so! :D
Gilmour 279w 6d ago: Certainly shouldn't look at me ;)
tanage 279w 6d ago: I need some Millions who can spend some ?? *looks to Steph* ;)
Stephen 279w 6d ago: I could use two.. How much?
Maria Holan 279w 6d ago: Does anyone need Poppies Dust?
Maria Holan 280w 2d ago: Thank you for the new Calendar!
Gilmour 280w 2d ago: Glad you like it ;)
Frarc 280w 2d ago: That is a very handy Calendar.
Stephen 280w 3d ago: Ohhhh no! What happened to Drach?
Lad 280w 3d ago: Seems like Drachenfels is down at the moment :-(
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