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Maria Holan 219w 4d ago: Beware, some Harbringer sneaked into the alliance.
Gilmour 219w 5d ago: @Maria Holan Yes I am fine thanks :)
Maria Holan 219w 5d ago: @Gilmour Are you OK? You leave me a bit worried.
Maria Holan 219w 5d ago: Thank you, Gilmour.
Gilmour 219w 6d ago: Also fixed some exceptionally dark colors on post time in shoutbox using IE
Gilmour 219w 6d ago: Made the errors on auction page more obvious, you may need to f5 it to show as intended.
Maria Holan 219w 6d ago: Clarification: Hobbit-eating was Dr. Stephen's idea, not mine.
Maria Holan 220w ago: @Stephen I hope you didn't mistake him for a Hobbit! As far as I know Hobbits can be very tasty if shaved properly, covered in chocolate and served hot.
Stephen 220w ago: @Maria Holan Haven't seen him for a couple of weeks..
Maria Holan 220w ago: Where is Rapscallion?
Stephen 220w 4d ago: @Nick Phew! Didn't know, but glad all is well again! Merry Christmas my friend.. Give the family my greetings!
Nick 220w 4d ago: Merry Christmas everybody! Family was sick of scarlatina - but now okay again! Hope to see you all soon!
Stephen 220w 4d ago: @Gilmour Merry Christmas Gillie! Enjoy your holidays! :D
Gilmour 220w 4d ago: Merry Christmas everyone, leaving shortly for the holidays.. ;)
anjanca 220w 5d ago: Looks like we start with Medusa again. Still lots of eggs left from yesterday
Frarc 220w 5d ago: I will do my best to join peerless, Just keep me awake :)
anjanca 220w 5d ago: Monday, 19:00 Peerless hunt. not sure which one, depends on how many will join us :)
Morbus 220w 6d ago: Looking for a Talisman with Air Elemental Killer
Stephen 221w ago: @Frarc I wouldn't say great.. It's a start! :D
Frarc 221w ago: Vendor Search on TC1 Is great! :)
Maria Holan 221w 1d ago: I heard that vendors can now search for players to advertise their wares?
Gilmour 221w 2d ago: People should now get error pages again, on none existant pages, rather than just a page with no body..
Gilmour 221w 2d ago: Fixed resist calc, it was broken, cause of url rewritting changes. Sowwy! [Link]
Maria Holan 221w 2d ago: I just met a hen at Hendrix' tavern.
Gilmour 221w 3d ago: @Maria Holan Beyond my control sadly :(
Maria Holan 221w 3d ago: @Gilmour Your timezones need more biscuits.
Gilmour 221w 6d ago: Looking to perfect our use of custom timezones, so if You notice things not showing in your local and CET instead.. Give us a heads up!
Maria Holan 221w 6d ago: @Stephen Chocolate covered fries? You, sir, live in a fantastic world... I guess!
Stephen 221w 6d ago: @Maria Holan I've tried something similar to that once.. Not bad actually..
Frarc 222w ago: @Stephen mmmmmmmmm yumm
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