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Maria Holan 195w ago: About 22h to go before Vendor Search works as intended?
Gilmour 195w 1d ago: Looks like today's event will have trouble being executed cause of patch :(
anjanca 195w 1d ago: Todays Medusa hunt will only be 2 rounds long as the small RP event in Trinsic starts at 20 o'clock
Gilmour 195w 2d ago: Aware of an issue with IE, where background is sometimes misaligned on pages with scrollbars, looking into it..
Frarc 195w 4d ago: Deal!
Gilmour 196w 5d ago: @Maria Holan Sadly not.. ;)
Maria Holan 196w 6d ago: @Gilmour Mh ebay search did not surive daylight savings time (US). Can you fix that please?
Gilmour 196w 6d ago: @Maria Holan I still am quite sure its a week vacation ;)
Maria Holan 196w 6d ago: @Frarc Now I am confused.
Frarc 196w 6d ago: I'm a CAT person not a Puppy person ;)
Lad 196w 6d ago: Frarc, I also want to gratulate you on your new Puppy ;-)
Maria Holan 196w 6d ago: Post a pic of your puppy, please
Maria Holan 197w 1d ago: PUPPY! Congratulations!
Gilmour 197w 1d ago: @Frarc I bet it is B :)
anjanca 197w 2d ago: That choices are boring, give us other ;-)
Frarc 197w 2d ago: I give you 3 choices : A) I'm leaving UO, B) I have a week vacation, C) I'm getting a Puppy.
Maria Holan 197w 2d ago: Two days until all shards are reverted to 1994?
anjanca 197w 2d ago: till i'm broke? maybe...
Frarc 197w 2d ago: 2 more days....
Gilmour 198w 1d ago: @Frarc A clone of one self would be handy in times, im thinking firstly that: my clone and i could take turns sleeping, staffing the pc 24/7 ^^
Frarc 198w 3d ago: Yes, I wish I had a Aunt Stella who could copy me like she did with Frarc on Sosaria. ;)
Maria Holan 198w 3d ago: If he does that he will no longer have time for events on Drachenfels :-D
anjanca 198w 4d ago: i vote for frarc as Counselor! [Link]
Gilmour 198w 5d ago: @Stephen hehe ;)
Stephen 198w 6d ago: M'kay.. "Kids play with gadgets more than toys, study says".. Not many toys have access to gadgets I guess..
Maria Holan 198w 6d ago: Stephen, can you please tell us some news?
Gilmour 199w 4d ago: The post chief? ;)
Frarc 199w 4d ago: No..... Who do I need to kill for it? :p
Gilmour 199w 4d ago: @Frarc Can't get one? :(
Frarc 199w 4d ago: Still neeeeeeeeed Vacation...........
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