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Gilmour Unknown ago: Hmm, i dont find any info of any EM event on july 29.. where you get this info?
Eaerendil Unknown ago: Great auction!!! Next auction may collide with meet & greet?
Gilmour Unknown ago: Actually only the tangle didnt sell! as the only item! everything else sold :)
Frarc Unknown ago: With Strange Auctions :)
Stephen Unknown ago: Thank you all for a fun evening.. :)
Gilmour Unknown ago: Ingame Auction Tonight! 20:30 CET!
Gilmour Unknown ago: You can still submit items for auction on friday. ^
Gilmour Unknown ago: they are craftable :)
Maria Holan Unknown ago: Where is the distillery?
Frarc Unknown ago: Drachenfels Rules! :)
Gilmour Unknown ago: Drachenfels is our home too, but we really do enjoy these auctions :)
Stephen Unknown ago: Thank you Nick, glad you liked it. Hope to see you around soon.. :)
Earendil Unknown ago: Great Auction, wonderful that people like you are keeping Drachenfels alive!
Maria Holan Unknown ago: :)
Gilmour Unknown ago: Apologies, Would appear backgrounds looked off in IE, Fixed!
Gilmour Unknown ago: It is also written on itemtype select, under known issues :)
Gilmour Unknown ago: in other words the max leech should be considered currently as % of max.
Gilmour Unknown ago: Factors that influence Max leech, are not considered, (weap speed + ssi)
Xaphan Unknown ago: sorry correction the calc goes to 100. max player can imbue is 68
Xaphan Unknown ago: on the imbuing calc. max hit leech effect is only 68. not exactly sure
Gilmour Unknown ago: Need alpha testers, for first test of an advanced script. ICQ: 52591550
Gilmour Unknown ago: You are welcome, i optimized it a bit, and added export option.
Ohio State Unknown ago: thank you very much. one less site in my favs now. thanks for resists calc
Gilmour Unknown ago: Not required to buy stuff when you attend an auction ;)
Maria Holan Unknown ago: The next auction is pretty soon, how I do I save up the millions in 4 days?
Gilmour Unknown ago: Fixed a dead link on forum tools menu for mana regen calc.
Gilmour Unknown ago: like that? :)
Gilmour Unknown ago: Resist' target=external>Link] Calc
Gilmour Unknown ago: just a calc to type in resists and get total? i can do that :)
Ohio State Unknown ago: awesome calc's, wish you had a armor calc though to show total resists
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