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Maria Holan 262w 6d ago: @Frarc Wrong! This is the real Governor: [Link]
Frarc 263w ago: The Governor : URL=[Link]
Frarc 263w 2d ago: Governor candidate put yourself on the city stone and let someoen endorse you within 24 hours!
Gilmour 263w 3d ago: Still room for more items for auction next week [Link]
Croziz 263w 6d ago: Anyone else having problems connecting to UO?
anjanca 264w ago: just because i was so honest and didn't try it ;)
Maria Holan 264w ago: Mh Esmeralda got your plot, Anjanca.
Maria Holan 264w 6d ago: @anjanca I hope you got the plot!
Maria Holan 264w 6d ago: @anjanca I've seen 70 year olds doing the IDOC dance.
anjanca 264w 6d ago: @Maria Holan I'm to old for this IDOC-stuff ;)
Maria Holan 265w ago: @anjanca Good luck getting the plot!
anjanca 265w ago: @Maria Holan nope. don't know a char with that name
Maria Holan 265w ago: @anjanca It is In Danger Of Collapsing now.
Maria Holan 265w ago: @anjanca Do you know Smogy?
anjanca 265w ago: S.D.I Discount in Luna owned by Smogy is greatly worn...
Frarc 265w 1d ago: No, it was a lot of fun but we could use more participants and spectators. :)
anjanca 265w 1d ago: @Frarc was it that bad? ;)
Frarc 265w 1d ago: Learn Bagball: [Link]
Gilmour 266w 2d ago: Another wave of mail phishing is going on, please read this, if you are affected [Link]
Gilmour 267w ago: @Nick Awesome ;)
anjanca 267w ago: @Nick Did that too, now it's 12 years and counting ;)
Nick 267w 1d ago: FOUR months of parental vacation now!!! :-)
Frarc 267w 4d ago: @Maria Holan If I only had the skill. :)
Maria Holan 267w 5d ago: @Frarc Will you apply for the job opening as a software engineer?
Frarc 267w 5d ago: Vendor Search working Great! [Link]
Gilmour 269w 2d ago: Here it the video resume from Friday's Deal or No Deal [Link]
Frarc 269w 3d ago: Stella is a dangerous player! ;)
Gilmour 269w 4d ago: Aye, thanks all, was awesome ;)
Stephen 269w 4d ago: Thank you all for tonight.. I really enjoy Deal or no Deal evenings! :D
Gilmour 270w 2d ago: If people want stuff on our calendar, just grab a hold of Frarc, Anjanca or Myself, and we will normally add it ;)
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