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Gilmour 265w ago: The post chief? ;)
Frarc 265w ago: No..... Who do I need to kill for it? :p
Gilmour 265w ago: @Frarc Can't get one? :(
Frarc 265w 1d ago: Still neeeeeeeeed Vacation...........
Gilmour 265w 3d ago: How are you all, enjoying your weekend?
Morbus 266w ago: This one is for Maria Holan
Gilmour 266w ago: @Maria Holan Of course..
Maria Holan 266w ago: @Gilmour You know that I am kidding, don't you? :-d
Gilmour 266w ago: @Maria Holan Sorry, wont happen :)
Maria Holan 266w ago: @Gilmour How about an included mini game where everyone can control Dr. Julia?
Gilmour 266w 2d ago: @Maria Holan Will not be such controls sadly, youtube hasn't developed enough on their site to make that possible - yet :)
anjanca 266w 2d ago: @Maria Holan sorry fix point in time and stuff
Maria Holan 266w 2d ago: @Gilmour Nice. Will there be controls that let us go back in time and change some portions of what has happened?
Gilmour 266w 2d ago: Tried forces with video editing on yesterday's auction, expect the result on youtube soon. (Will embed/link)
Gilmour 266w 3d ago: @Maria Holan Welcome :)
Maria Holan 266w 3d ago: Thank you for one of the best UO auctions ever
Gilmour 266w 3d ago: Just to be clear, it is only this domain on it's own, that was paid yesterday, we will do our yearly fundraiser when the hosting bill is due in June.
Gilmour 266w 5d ago: Our domain "" paid for another year, thanks do donaters.
Gilmour 266w 5d ago: @Maria Holan Impossible!
Maria Holan 266w 5d ago: February's most popular Danish Knucklehead: Loony Elahhez. Congratulations!
Maria Holan 267w ago: All done and all perfect, thank you all.
Maria Holan 267w ago: @anjanca Thank you but I don't think I can take it. Thank you so much!
anjanca 267w ago: trammel, between brit and swamp. but it will decay soon
Maria Holan 267w ago: @anjanca Where is it?
Maria Holan 267w ago: @anjanca We could switch keeps then. Neighbourhood suddenly got troublesome so I have to move.
anjanca 267w ago: you can get a Keep from me
Maria Holan 267w ago: @anjanca Oh that means you are selling a castle, Dr. Anjanca?
anjanca 267w ago: Heisenberg is the one who knocks...
Gilmour 267w ago: @Maria Holan Who's there?
Maria Holan 267w ago: * Knock, Knock *
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