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Maria Holan 423w ago: You mean drip coffee a.k.a. drip brew? [Link] Otherwise check the list here: [Link]
Gilmour 423w 1d ago: @Maria Holan Which one is regular black coffee?
Maria Holan 423w 1d ago: If Danish Knuckleheads were coffee, which serving would they be? Espresso? Macchiato? Long Black?
Maria Holan 423w 1d ago: @Gilmour First time I read that you use IRC.
Gilmour 423w 1d ago: Currently experiencing issues with our IRC chat, which you can also use for Live Help.. We will find a solution soon.
Gilmour 424w 5d ago: @Maria Holan Aw.. Too bad :)
Maria Holan 424w 5d ago: @Gilmour I found one for you but then I read about Dr. Stephen's proposal and so I put it on the dining table and ate it. It was very tasty but a little too furry.
Gilmour 424w 6d ago: @Maria Holan Ice White and decent as in average stats wise.. about 3 stars plus on pet power calc.
Stephen 425w ago: @Maria Holan "Decent" as in: "Well behaved and proper dining table manners"!
Maria Holan 425w ago: @Gilmour Please define "decent". A standard white one or a "pure white"?
Gilmour 425w ago: Buying a decent white cu sidhe!
Stephen 425w 4d ago: Thanks to everyone attending the auctions tonight! And congratulations to all the buyers and sellers.
Maria Holan 425w 5d ago: Happy Birthday!
Maria Holan 426w 1d ago: Attention! Drachenfels Christmas Tree (Luna) IS GONE.
Gilmour 426w 5d ago: @Maria Holan awesome ;)
Maria Holan 426w 5d ago: New MyUO is in BETA: [Link]
Maria Holan 426w 5d ago: Lord British aka Richard Garriott, the inventor of UO is visiting Test Center tonight - read more at Stratics [Link]
Maria Holan 426w 6d ago: Aw again I miss the event
Maria Holan 427w 4d ago: @anjanca This time he better pay for his drinks himself.
anjanca 427w 4d ago: Lord British is coming back! unfortunately the event is settled to late for me :-(. Damn timezones
Maria Holan 428w ago: @Daniel Trying to sell Knuckleheads in my vendor, not sure about pricing yet.
Gilmour 428w ago: @Daniel She got one, yes
Daniel 428w ago: @Maria Holan: do you already have your vendor spot?
anjanca 428w 3d ago: @Maria Holan ask me ingame :)
Maria Holan 428w 4d ago: Public notice if I may do so: Looking for a spot for a vendor on Drachenfels.
Stephen 428w 5d ago: I'll leave it up to each Knucklehead to decide if they're for sale and what their value is! :D
Gilmour 428w 6d ago: @Maria Holan Sorry.. ;)
Maria Holan 428w 6d ago: @Gilmour Mh. How about 150k for 3 knuckleheads?
Gilmour 429w ago: @Maria Holan Never been in stock, to be sold i think ;)
Maria Holan 429w ago: @Gilmour Aw. Out of stock?
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