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Maria Holan 242w 1d ago: You got a rune to their Christmas MArket in your teleport hub's mailbox, Dr. @Stephen
Stephen 242w 2d ago: @Maria Holan That sounds interesting.. Will have to check that out! Thanks.. :)
Maria Holan 242w 3d ago: The famous GACK guild started a Christmas Market! Including a small lottery! Yay!
Maria Holan 242w 4d ago: Another awesome guild. Thank you, Anjanca.
anjanca 242w 4d ago: Small Stygian Dragon event today. We start at 19:00 from wbb. Everybody is welcome :)
Gilmour 242w 4d ago: Fixed an issue while editing a char, that skills would not be listed, even though they are saved.. Sorry!
Frarc 242w 6d ago: Public Gadgetry Table Placed! [Link]
Gilmour 243w ago: Removed a bot invasion from our site, if against expectations someone real got caught as a bot, please re-register or contact an admin, thanks!
Stephen 243w 1d ago: @Maria Holan Don't believe everything you hear about knuckleheads, especially not if you hear it from a knucklehead! Always be cautious..
Maria Holan 243w 1d ago: I found another Danish Knucklehead on Atlantic shard / Luna and a third one near Drachenfels WBB. I think they are everywhere now. Ubiquitous. Let's hope you are right and none of them are dangerous. Maybe they like to play games?
Gilmour 243w 2d ago: @Maria Holan Don't worry, knuckleheads are not dangerous. Unless of course if you rob them of their coffee...
Maria Holan 243w 2d ago: Public notice: I found a Danish Knucklehead on Dagger Island. Could not tame the Knucklehead, left it untamed. Can run very fast. Unkown if dangerous. Does not offer free drinks. *Caution*: Can open doors! Take heed.
Leighton 243w 2d ago: I think Dr Maria should make me an offer I can't refuse! ;)
Gilmour 243w 2d ago: @Maria Holan Have no idea, can try post in his thread :)
Maria Holan 243w 2d ago: How much gold does the almighty Dr. Leighton want for his beautiful castle?
Gilmour 243w 2d ago: Auction House page got a much needed overhaul [Link]
Gilmour 243w 2d ago: @ParadoX Done! link by the legend, that will take you to a page showing the last 30 shouts. ;)
ParadoX 243w 3d ago: It would be nice to be able to browse older shoutbox entries in case they're archived :P
Leighton 243w 3d ago: Gil, you are a fan, you just don't realise it yet! ;)
Frarc 243w 3d ago: Looks good :)
Gilmour 243w 3d ago: Did various load optimizations, i'd like to know if you notice any difference ;)
Gilmour 243w 3d ago: I'm not a castle fan, but i don't think it will be much of a problem finding a buyer, if the price is right ;)
Leighton 243w 3d ago: Guys, wanna buy my Tram Castle?
Gilmour 243w 6d ago: Fixed issue with calendar, where events going on multiple days, did not show on 2nd day onwards.
Gilmour 244w 1d ago: Yes, December 6th .. ;) and soon able to submit items!
Maria Holan 244w 1d ago: By the way, when is the next auction? Will it be in December? How long until we can submit new items?
Gilmour 244w 3d ago: He posted a picture of his event item in Weekend Madness and Report on the stealing event, on stratics Week End Madness [Link]
Maria Holan 244w 3d ago: Can you please post a picture of your awesome EM event item, Dr. Frarc? Is it a coffee statue?
Maria Holan 244w 3d ago: hm I think I want this extra for my car: [Link]
Stephen 244w 4d ago: @Frarc Excellent.. Was a nice one aswell! Congratulations! ;)
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