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Gilmour 130w 6d ago: @Maria Holan Who's there?
Maria Holan 131w ago: *knock* *knock*
Gilmour 136w 3d ago: @Coco Zamis None planned by us atm :(
Coco Zamis 136w 3d ago: When we will have an auction on DF again?
Siward 137w 1d ago: looks like there is an unoticed vermin plaque on DF! [Link]
Longtooths 137w 2d ago: Longtooths was here foo! long live the toofs
Gilmour 141w ago: @Maria Holan Yes it was cheaper :)
Maria Holan 141w ago: @Leighton Why not buy form EA / Origin store? Were gametime codes at G2A cheaper?
Leighton 141w 3d ago: Hey Guys! Anyone know where to get cheap gametime codes? G2A are all out :(
Gilmour 142w 4d ago: We detected some phising mail going out using of our domain containing mostly a fake invoice and may contain virus. These mail are not sent by us. We recommend you delete them instantly.
Siward 144w 3d ago: @Gilmour pretty slow it seems :)
Gilmour 145w 1d ago: How's things in Sosaria?
Maria Holan 151w 6d ago: Good morning.
Stephen 157w 2d ago: Thank you everyone for attending the auction tonight! And sorry for the delay in an auction this month!
Gilmour 160w 3d ago: Merry christmas everybody!
Stephen 163w 2d ago: Thank you everyone for attending the auction tonight!
Yaleera 164w ago: Need A Xfer from Legends to Df if someone know somebody who can xfer plz hit me up :)
Gilmour 165w 5d ago: People i transfer for from DF can now drop items in a mailbox designated for transfer. Details: [Link] Please engrave bag!
Gilmour 167w 3d ago: .... And it should now remember your selected timezone across the entire transfer central feature
Gilmour 167w 5d ago: Can now set custom timezone on transfer central without logging in.. [Link]
Siward 168w ago: @Frarc grats! They are really beautiful
Frarc 168w ago: 2 Black tigers and 1 White one tamed, was a good morning. :)
Maria Holan 169w 3d ago: I agree with Dr. Gilmour. Dr. Leighton, come back. Come back and stay. We need you.
Gilmour 170w ago: @Leighton Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeighthooooooooooon
Gilmour 170w 2d ago: come on again late :p
Leighton 170w 5d ago: Bi-annual Check in....
Gilmour 171w 5d ago: You may start adding items to the next auction on 6th Nov. Announcement will be made later. [Link]
Gilmour 172w 3d ago: Ready for tonight's Auction: [Link] :)
slipjeem 172w 4d ago: ok I have registerd the same name and same e-mail 3 days in a row and the next dayh says the e-mail and account is invalid starting to be a pain
Maria Holan 172w 6d ago: Looking for someone who would exchange 1-5m from DF to Atlantic.
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