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Gilmour 299w 4d ago: The box above, will now feed from all relevant forums, and not only news
Maria Holan 299w 4d ago: I'd need some price check help for anniversary gifts. Can anyone help? [Link]
Maria Holan 299w 4d ago: Drachenfels now loves Dr. Elahhez, too.
Maria Holan 299w 5d ago: Congratulations, yes. But please show more than 5 shoutbox entries.
Stephen 299w 6d ago: Ohh.. And congrats Frarc on the Begging achievement..
Stephen 299w 6d ago: Get a room!
Gilmour 300w ago: Yea, i love em too ;)
Eaerendil 300w 1d ago: Those 16th Anny Horses are Fantastic!!! I love em!
Frarc 300w 2d ago: Trick or Treat! I got GM begging! I'm Ready! :)
Maria Holan 300w 5d ago: Drachenfels loves Frarc.
Frarc 300w 5d ago: It can be found in Quest' target=external>Link] and Event News on the left side. Its called Exploring the Deep (Part 1 to 4)
Frarc 300w 5d ago: For all who wants a walktrough of the first act of the event arc, i made a 4 part report on it.
Frarc 301w ago: Sorry working on a big writing project for Stratics. I'm almost done. hope you all like it. :)
Maria Holan 301w ago: Some returners are looking for experienced crafters / artificers. I don't know whom to send them to. Any volunteers?
Stephen 301w 1d ago: Not sure mate.. I think I managed to salvage one red Soulstone..
Morbus 301w 2d ago: Did i have anything good in the castle? i canĀ“t remember :D
Morbus 301w 2d ago: Just noticed i lost my castle. Well probably will be returning in the winter.
Stephen 301w 2d ago: I'm afraid I haven't mastered mind control to keep people from leaving......... yet! UO players have a habit of returning though! ;)
Silverbird 301w 2d ago: PANIC!!!
Frarc 301w 2d ago: People come and go all the time, no need to panic. :)
Maria Holan 301w 2d ago: Too many people abandoned Drachenfels lately. The 5 sisters, Fisher's Rest, Nicodemus... and now Dr. Morbus. Dr. Stephen, please make it stop.
Maria Holan 301w 2d ago: What a pity :(
Stephen 301w 3d ago: Ohhh dear.. Morbus' castle fell tonight! :(
Maria Holan 301w 3d ago: Can anyone please contact Dr. Morbus? His castle is Greatly Worn .-(
Maria Holan 303w ago: DK should do more banksitting.
Gilmour 303w 2d ago: Submit window for auction on 6th of September is now closed.
Gilmour 303w 3d ago: Ok, nice to know you are still alive ;)
Evelyn 303w 3d ago: I`m still alive :) but a lot to do. We bought a new house!
Frarc 303w 4d ago: mmm with sirup...
Maria Holan 303w 5d ago: Very well. You owe us some pancakes, Dr. Elahhez.
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