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Gilmour 328w 3d ago: And we're back!
Gilmour 328w 6d ago: Notice: Moving servers at our host, Might experience brief outtage during the next 48 hours!
Gilmour 328w 6d ago: Added a cookie to the theme selection, will now remember your choise!
Gilmour 329w 1d ago: Same time also made the notification less intrusive ;)
Gilmour 329w 1d ago: Resolved an issue where having a long name could cause unwanted behavior.
Gilmour 329w 6d ago: Happy Birthday Frarc!
Gilmour 330w 1d ago: The sitemap found near "breadcrumbs" has been updated.
Eaerendil 331w 4d ago: good to hear
Gilmour 331w 5d ago: News from Steph, he is better now! Hopefully he will be fit for friday ;)
Siward 332w ago: get well soon, stepho!
Gilmour 332w ago: Ultima' target=external>Link] Online Music, Streamed for your convinience!
Gilmour 332w 3d ago: God rid of an unnesesary horisontal scrollbar on forum.
Gilmour 332w 3d ago: Ingame' target=external>Link] Auction Tonight - Don't miss out!
Eaerendil 332w 6d ago: Added some additional items for the auction :-)
Gilmour 332w 6d ago: Watch out for thieves: Use' target=external>Link] the original!
Gilmour 333w 2d ago: Fixed an error with Properties' target=external>Link] Page
Eaerendil 333w 3d ago: WEEEEEKEEEEEND!
Eaerendil 336w ago: I would love to be part of the teleporter hub :-) Can we arrange this?
Eaerendil 336w 4d ago: ok, next time :-)
Gilmour 336w 5d ago: is full, sorry :)
Eaerendil 336w 5d ago: Auction full or can I still add stuff?
Eaerendil 337w 5d ago: :-)
Eaerendil 337w 5d ago: Hey! I Wanna be part of the Guild Roster!!!
Eaerendil 337w 5d ago: Tonight: Real : Bayern. But I will be ingame. UO-mood again, missed you all while writing my books!
Gilmour 337w 6d ago: ow ;)
Eaerendil 338w ago: I need to raise Spirit Speak but I donĀ“t wanna train, hehehe
Gilmour 340w ago: ;) Thanks for coming!
Maria Holan 340w 2d ago: Thank you for the auction. Can't wait for next time.
Gilmour 341w 5d ago: the winning fish/crab can also be found at the base floor of S-Mart.
Maria Holan 341w 6d ago: Thank you.
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