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Found in New Magincia (Trammel)    
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Frarc 338w 2d ago: Clean-up your houses now!
Gilmour 338w 5d ago: Did some contrast/transparency adjustments to forum, making it easier to read - hopefully!
Gilmour 339w 2d ago: New auction planned, be sure to submit while room for auctions :)
Eaerendil 339w 4d ago: Cool! Down with Ossi!
Frarc 339w 4d ago: White Net Toss on Friday!
Gilmour 340w 1d ago: Please ICQ me :)
Tony-Fisher 340w 2d ago: Want give 70 Mibs for the next auction, but the Mailbox at S-Mart is full !
Gilmour 340w 3d ago: Don't forget someone managed to kill Lord British himself back in the days :)
Frarc 340w 5d ago: She is a baaad girl!
Frarc 340w 5d ago: Dark Angel tried to kill the Professor!
Gilmour 341w ago: *Hans frarc a chololate chip cookie*
Frarc 341w 2d ago: I want a cookie!
Gilmour 341w 3d ago: :D
NinaLuna 341w 3d ago: what shall i do with the mailbox item .. what shall i do ...*sings loud*
Gilmour 342w ago: :) mailboxes are nice!
NinaLuna 342w ago: you have unlimited lockdowns ? *s*
NinaLuna 342w ago: did i ever said : love mailboxes :)
Gilmour 342w 3d ago: Good afternoon
Stephen 342w 6d ago: Singing.. :)
Gilmour 342w 6d ago: Hehe, Fogging?
Stephen 343w ago: Rama Lama Lama Lama Ding Dong..
Gilmour 343w 5d ago: No, There will not be a knucklehead auction in Felucca :)
Maria Holan 343w 5d ago: Will you conduct a knucklehead auction in Felucca?
Frarc 343w 6d ago: First item for auction, coming soon!
Gilmour 343w 6d ago: Added a welcome box, which should only show on the first page you visit.
Gilmour 344w 2d ago: Please post in shoutbox if you find a page with errors, optimization ongoing, but require some recoding
Gilmour 344w 3d ago: Updated footer text in hopes to get approved as an official fansite.
Gilmour 344w 3d ago: 2?
Maria Holan 344w 4d ago: 1
Gilmour 344w 6d ago: Good morning, fixed an issue with the link submitting page.
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